The Tarot Love Advisor Certification

7 Modules

1- Hour Twin Flames & Soul Mates Workshop

1 Hour Exclusive Students-Only Workshop on Twin Flames and Soul Mates + Q & A

Learn the in's and out's about Twin Flames, Soulmates & Lifemates in detail.

Video Collection | Tarot Cards for Specific love

The Tarot Cards for Specific Love Situations Video Series Collection

Gain access to these 12 unique Videos on how to read specific Love situations with Tarot.

Learn how to tell with the Tarot cards: 

  •  If a romance will rekindle
  •  How to spot infidelity
  •  If there's a karmic connection between two people
  •  If a relationship will be long-term
  •  And more

The Tarot Love Spells Collection

The Love Tarot Spell Collection:

These powerful spells crafted by Emilie combines, the power of Herbs, Tarot, Crystals, and Candle magic to help manifest a happy tender loving thriving relationship.

  1. Manifest a new lover Spell
  2. Bring a relationship closer together Spell
  3. Return a lover rapidly spell
  4. Cut cords with a past relationship
  5. Grow a family spell
  6. Call in Soulmate and/or Twin Flame Spell

Special Tarot Love Spreads

The Love Tarot Spread Collection 

12 unique Tarot love spreads that get to the heart of love matters quickly and easily. 

    • Ready to Start Dating Tarot Spread
    • Prepare for a New Relationship Tarot Spread
    • Predict My Next Lover Tarot Spread
    • Where the Relationship is Headed Tarot Spread
    • To Stay or Go Tarot Spread
    • Emergency Save My Relationship Tarot Spread
    • Bring My Relationship Closer Tarot Spread
    • Ignite the Passion Tarot Spread
    • Time to Break Up Tarot Spread
    • Moving On Tarot Spread
    • Relationship in Review Tarot Spread
    • Grow My Family Tarot Spread

    Tarot Love Spread Video Tutorials

    The Tarot Love Spread Video Tutorial collection

    Master the art of reading tarot love spreads with these step-by-step how-to instructional Tarot love spread videos.

    2 LIVE Romance Tarot Learning Topics | STUDENT STUDY HALL MEET

    2 LIVE Romance Tarot learning topics (Study Halls for students)

    Make your Tarot learning experience a personal one, learn with Emilie personally. Join her for two LIVE hands-on Love Tarot reading classes.

    Busy? No problem classes will be recorded live and then accessible to you afterward. 

    Certification of completion

    Certification of completion

    Once you have completed the course receive your certification of completion certificate.  Start divining right away for yourself and others on all matters of LOVE with confidence.   

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