Tarot Reading The Simple Way

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Prerequisite Tarot Training Series

ACCESS GRANTED.  On 11/1/ 2020 Unlock the "Prerequisite Tarot Training Series" which kickstarts your tarot learning reading experience even before classes begin. Which is packed with videos and learning material that teaches you:

  • How to open your third eye
  • How to Set up a proper tarot reading space
  • Tarot Terminology
  • How to choose your perfect working tarot deck
  • The perfect crystals for Tarot Reading
  • The Keywords of every tarot card
  • & More 

Week One - The Major Arcana

Take my hand %FIRSTNAME as I guide you through the beginning of your tarot journey. We start with the major Arcanas. We start with leaping blissful fool and work our way towards the world through a series of videos. 

Week Two - The Minors - Coins & Swords

Into the Minors, we go , This week we nose dive right into the Coins which represents all physical and tangible things in this world. We then look towards the Swords and get to know more of the " Conflict " cards and things that tap into our minds. 

Bonus: “Meeting and connecting you to your divination spiritual guide “

Modules for this product 14
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