Are you new to Tarot and looking for a basic crash course to get your Tarot reading game on quickly?

Well, Tarot enthusiast you came to the right place - Because, after this quick crash course, you will be able to perform your own readings right away.

YEP, Just in a manner of hours 2-3 Tops from now 

Seriously, I broke it down plain and simple that ANYONE psychic or not can read the tarot cards.

Which means for you - No more digging around or trying to break your head just to learn the Tarot ropes. I got you.

Hi, I'm Emilie Muniz, The creator of Simplicity Tarot cards and the Queen of making Tarot reading and divination simple for all.

Welcome is your Tarot reading the newbie crash course where you will learn Tarot reading plain, simple, and quickly. 

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